Actress Allyssa Brooke is seeking justice for her teenage son, Nick, whose medical bills exceed $50k after being assaulted at a recreation center.

In the video that has gone viral, Nick is seen on a basketball court attempting to drive to the basket, when a kid sizes him up, rushes him, and knocks him off his feet.

Nick jumps up to defend himself, and another kid comes out of nowhere and punches him in his jaw.

As Nick falls to the ground, two more kids come over and appear to continue jumping Nick.

Throughout the assault the other kids on the court are seen laughing, applauding, and cheering. 

Watch the video below:

It’s unknown why Nick was attacked, but it’s clear from the video that the attack was planned.

Nick suffered multiple injuries from the assault, including a broken jaw in 3 places, a severe concussion, whiplash, and several teeth twisted out of place.

He will have to wear braces 6 months to a year to realign his teeth.

Allyssa spent Nick’s 17th birthday feeding him liquids through a syringe because his jaw was wired shut.

The kid accused of breaking Nick’s jaw was charged with assault as a juvenile.

Allyssa feels like the other kids involved should be punished as well.

The assault took place at a recreation center in Sugarhill, Georgia, off-campus, and outside of the school year, so the school districts are not taking any accountability.

Nick’s parents started a petition to hold the other kids responsible for their behavior, it has more than 5,000 signatures, and they hope to present it to the Federal Department of Education.

They also started a GoFundMe to help out with Nick’s medical bills.

Watch the 11 Alive news report below:

Allyssa Brooke has appeared in “Queen of the South,” “Ozarks,” and “Stranger Things.”

We wish Nick a speedy recovery.

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Source: TMZ