*Updated* Cam Newton Gets Disrespected At A Youth Football Camp By A Child – Twitter Reacts

Cam Newton has been known to do a lot to inspire the youth at football camps, but an unknown child who appears to be a teenager was not inspired at all and he verbally trolled Cam Newton calling him “ass” and a “free agent.”

When Cam responded to the teen that he is rich, the teen said, “Your about to be poor!”

Watch the video below:

The teen is clearly misinformed, Cam is a free-agent, but he is not about to be poor anytime soon. Cam has amassed $121.4 million in salary alone from his 9 seasons in the NFL, he has also made millions from endorsements, and he owns a $7 million cigar bar with his brother.

It’s unfortunate that the teen chose to insult Cam instead of trying to gain knowledge from a former NFL MVP who has played in the Super Bowl.

Twitter commended Cam for how he handled the situation.

Scoop the tweets below:

How would you have handled the situation if you were in Cam Newton’s shoes?

Update: Cam Newton Turns Down The Temperature On His Teenager Heckler

New video has surfaced of Cam Newton addressing his teenage heckler in a very respectful manner and trying to gain insight on the teens football skill set.

The teen is on the defensive in the video, and he still has a tablespoon of that disrespectful energy in his system.

Cam somewhat calms him down by letting him know that he’s just trying to ask him a question about how he performed in the tournament.

The teen doesn’t really give Cam an answer instead he tells Cam to check him out on YouTube and, he lets Cam know what area code he is repping.

A coach then intervenes and tells the teen that Cam is a grown man, but Cam lets the coach know that they have squashed the situation and he was merely trying to give the teen some football advice.

Watch the video below:

He also took to Instagram to address the incident. (Godspeed reading his font.)

Once again, Cam shows his strength of character by trying to encourage and motivate this young man despite the negative energy that he is giving off.

Shout out to Cam for calming the waters, and teaching the teen that the spotlight you seek may be too bright for you to maintain.

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