Caleb Williams, Gavin Morris (via Twitter)

Caleb Williams was the talk of Twitter after the top NFL draft pick pulled up to USC’s game in the NCAA Tournament with a pink phone, nails, and wallet.

Cameras captured the 22-year-old Heisman Trophy winner smiling and dancing in his seat to Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Caleb Williams flaunted his pink phone, polished nails, and white wallet with animated hand gestures, catching everyone’s attention.

Watch the clip below.

Robert Griffin III (RGIII) took to his timeline to defend Caleb.

Let Caleb Williams be Caleb Williams. Ain’t nothing wrong with him wearing pink fingernail polish and having a pink phone case.

Quite frankly, if he goes to Chicago then Bears’ fans should be rocking whatever he is.

Stop the hate and accept him for who he is. @CALEBcsw

See the original tweet below. 

Caleb Williams clapped back at his critics and haters on Thursday. 

He appeared in a video with USC’s assistant athletic director Gavin Morris, who said, “It’s been a long week for you.” 

Gavin then asked, “Let’s see what that phone look like, what the phone look like?

Caleb responded, “Wallet white. Phone is pink…the case is clear. Nails are clear.

At the end of his “Show and Tell,” Caleb Williams added, “Lips are pink. Your girl love them.” 

Watch the video below.

The football star, whose mother is a former manicurist, previously told People magazine that the polish is just another form of expression for him.

I think the nails thing kind of took everybody by surprise.

I’ve been doing it before college, but it took everybody by surprise, just because you don’t always see male athletes who play football paint their nails.

But I think it’s just another way of expression.

Caleb Williams is expected to be selected by the Chicago Bears in the 2024 NFL Draft.

We wish him the best!

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