HBO “Winning Time” actress Caitlin O’ Conner recently tried to convince Magic Johnson to watch the show which focuses on the “Showtime” Lakers.

Caitlin plays Oscar-nominated actress and legendary Lakers fan, Dyan Cannon, on the show.

Caitlin feels Magic would really enjoy the show because the actor that plays him, Quincy Isaiah, does an amazing job.

I think Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson gives an amazing performance.

He has a smile that lights up a million rooms.

Magic Johnson, if you’re watching this, you should watch ‘Winning Time.’ 

It’s so funny, it’s so fast-paced. 

Jerry Buss breaks the fourth wall. 

John C. Reilly does an amazing job on the show. 

I think that Magic is gonna love it, so I hope that he watches it.

Prior to the premiere of the show, Magic Johnson made it clear that he and Jeanie Buss have their own shows about the Lakers coming out, and he’s not interested in watching the show.

Magic may not be watching the show, but plenty of other people are!

Are you a fan of the show?

Source: TMZ