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Alex Jones (center) with his attorneys in court. (Courtesy of HBO)

The Truth vs. Alex Jones,” an HBO Original documentary directed by acclaimed filmmaker Dan Reed, premieres Tuesday, March 26th.

The documentary delves into the gripping courtroom saga surrounding two defamation lawsuits filed by families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims against Alex Jones.

Over four years, Reed captures the families’ relentless pursuit of justice, shedding light on Jones’ dissemination of false information and conspiracy theories about the tragic event.

Following the devastating shooting in December 2012, Jones began propagating baseless claims questioning the authenticity of the attack, amplifying his conspiracy theories to millions of viewers.

This caused a sharp increase in traffic to his website, leading to significant revenue from advertising.

Filmed with unprecedented access, the documentary provides an intimate look into the legal battles waged by grieving parents and their legal teams against Jones.

Through their unwavering determination, the families sought accountability for the pain caused by Jones’ relentless spread of misinformation.

The lawsuits culminated in a historic judgment of nearly $1.5 billion in damages awarded to the families, marking a pivotal moment in holding purveyors of disinformation accountable.

Despite Jones declaring bankruptcy in the aftermath, the legal precedent set by the landmark verdict remains significant.

With heartfelt accounts from Sandy Hook parents, legal professionals, and figures linked to InfoWars, the documentary delves deep into the intricate details of the case.

It underscores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity and the importance of seeking truth and accountability.

As the documentary debuts on HBO and Max, audiences can witness the riveting story unravel, providing profound insights into a landmark legal battle against disinformation.

Tune in on Tuesday, March 26th at 9 ET/PT, as HBO confronts the truth and confronts the legacy of Alex Jones in this compelling documentary.

‘The Truth vs. Alex Jones’ Trailer

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