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2 Chainz ‘Crushed’ After His Dog Trappy Passes Away

2 Chainz dog Trappy passes away

2 Chainz took to social media to mourn the death of his dog, Trappy S. Goyard

The rapper paid tribute to his four-legged bestie via Instagram writing:

Can’t believe im even saying this man im crushed like a mf man this my heart right here I have had @trappygoyard for 9 years.

We have traveled and kicked it all over the world and he is no longer here mannn.

S**t hurt me no cap, feel like a person passed away, I love my dog he was so smart and laid back!!

I have so many items and memories of Trappy, can’t believe I won’t hear you snoring no more, I know for a fact we influenced many people to try to get a dog that looked and acted like you, it could never be another Trappy that’s was so sad to me 😔😔💙😓😓

l loved my dog more than some people I know #restinpeace @trappygoyard 😓

See 2 Chainz’s original tribute post to Trappy below. 

Trappy also served as co-host of 2 Chainz’s Vice TV show, “Most Expensivest.”

Sending love and positive vibes to 2 Chainz and his family.

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