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The case against Warren, Ohio, resident Brittany Watts, who suffered a miscarriage and was charged with abuse of a corpse, is set to go before a Trumbull County grand jury.

Emotions ran high as the 33-year-old learned that her case was progressing.

Watts faces felony charges for attempting to deal with the aftermath of a tragic miscarriage at 22 weeks, a deeply sensitive situation that unfolded in her home on September 22, 2023.

Brittany Watts, who is accused of trying to plunge a toilet after the miscarriage, revealed to investigators the heartbreaking experience of feeling the baby “come out with a big splash.”

Investigators found the baby stuck in the toilet.

During the court proceedings, forensic pathologist Dr. George Sterbenz provided crucial testimony.

His autopsy findings indicated no injury to the fetus, clarifying that the unborn child had already passed away before entering the birth canal.

Sterbenz highlighted Watts’ prior hospital visits, emphasizing the non-viability of the fetus due to premature ruptured membranes.

This fetus was going to be non-viable. It was going to be non-viable because she had premature ruptured membranes — her water had broken early — and the fetus was too young to be delivered,” Sterbenz said.

The issue isn’t how the child died, when the child died — it’s the fact that the baby was put into a toilet, large enough to clog up a toilet, left in that toilet and she went on [with] her day,” said Warren assistance prosecutor Lewis Guarnieri.

Brittany Watts’ defense attorney Traci Timko argued, “This 33-year-old girl, with no criminal record, is demonized for something that goes on every day.”

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