Brittany Renner is trending in the streets of social media following her very candid conversation with DJ Akademiks on his “Off The Record” podcast.

During their convo, Brittany addressed claims she trapped and cashed out on NBA baller PJ Washington by having his baby.

Brittany Renner made it very clear that she was in a relationship with the 23-year-old NBA baller and it was him who wanted her to move in with him, discontinue her birth control, and have his baby.

Apparently, after the child was born, the relationship went sour and the end result was PJ taking to social media making public pleas to see his son.

Brittany, 29, became visibly agitated as she discussed being labeled as a predator (“R. Shelly”) and the double standard in the industry when it comes to age gaps between men and women.

She pointed out how no one has an issue when an older man is dating a young woman, but when an older woman dates a young man she’s preying on him.

Brittany called out age gaps between Jay-Z (51) and Beyoncé (40) as well as Lori Harvey (24) and Michael B. Jordan (34).

Sugar Daddy Diddy and Future were also mentioned as examples of men who notoriously date much younger women.

While Brittany has a point about the double standard when it comes to age gaps, she also has to take accountability for leaning into her predator label by posting things like, “Hide yo sons,” when she visits a college campus.

Watch a portion of her convo with Akademiks below.

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