Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight took to the streets of YouTube to hold a video press conference about his estrangement from his biological children. 

After his attempt to post receipts on Instagram was an epic fail, the R&B crooner opted to give the situation One Last Cry on YouTube. 

Brian McKnight, 53, has been getting raked over the coals in the streets of Twitter for days as people criticized the “Crazy Love” singer for seemingly putting his biological children from his previous relationships on the back burner or completely out of mind now that he has a “new family.” 

After Brian McKnight tied the knot with Leilani Mendoza in 2017 and he became a dad to her son, Jack, and her daughter, Julia. 

In January, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight

The “Anytime” singer is also a dad to Brian McKnight Jr. and Niko McKnight from his marriage to Julie McKnight (1990-2003) and daughter Briana McKnight from an affair with Patricia Driver during his marriage to Julie. 

But, Brian McKnight makes it very clear that his biological children are Black history and in his YouTube statement, Brian noted that he doesn’t “live in the past.” 

There is a very simple reason why I post about some of my children social media and not others. 

The children that I do not currently have relationships with…I don’t post about them.

Instead, I post about the children whom I do have relationships, with whom I am proud of, and about whom I want to share my pride in their accomplishments. 

I don’t live in the past.

I live in the present and the future. 

previously reported that both Brian Jr. and Briana took to social media in August 2019 to share their grievances about being “abandoned” by their father, but they never called him by name.

In his YouTube video Brian stated:

Those kids and I have had a long history of conflicts, mutual estrangements, and resolutions. 

Brian McKnight continued: 

Those posts made any roads towards reconciliation and acknowledging them a dead issue. 

And I changed my will the next day.

The singer did spend a few minutes addressing Briana McKnight’s 2020 defamation suit against him. 

Briana claimed Brian spread a “vicious lie” about her online when he told his followers that she had “engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin” when she was a minor.

Brian gloated that the case was dismissed and they reached a settlement without him admitting any wrongdoing. 

He also noted that he paid her $300K, but Brian framed the entire lawsuit as a money grab saying that his daughter never demanded an apology or retraction of the statements that defamed her.

Watch Brian McKnight’s full YouTube video below. 

Brian McKnight can’t possibly have a publicist! Who is telling him that this is a good idea?

Every time he opens his mouth it only makes the situation worse. 

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  1. Wow… His kids MUST be younger than he is..
    Why doesn’t he just act like a 53 year old Father. Or a man instead of w little…
    Bragging he changed his will. Like a child he doesn’t want to share the money he made singing all those sounding exactly alike songs when the original children were small.

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