Brat Loves Judy Season 3

WE tv has released the official trailer for “Brat Loves Judy” Season 3. 

Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca “Judy” Dupart, revealed they were expecting their first child together in February.

The rap legend and the hair care mogul are giving fans unprecedented access into their personal lives, sharing all the incredible highs and disappointing lows during their first year of marriage.

As Brat and Judy embark on a tumultuous IVF journey, fraught with health issues, unexpected challenges arise within their blended family. 

Judy’s son moves in, unwittingly causing drama in their relationship and shining a light on the couple’s distinctly different parenting styles and upbringings. 

Amidst it all, the dynamic duo has also conceived a new hair care product line, “Kaleidoscope X Brat”…their first official collaboration.

Watch the trailer below.

Brat Loves Judy” Season 3 premieres on Thursday, April 27 at 9 pm on WE tv. 

Will you be tuned in? 

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  1. There’s so much stigma behind black men having children they don’t claim or take care of and donating sperm isn’t something readily talked about in the black community. Even if not necessarily “looked down on”, it is definitely not a subject that is praised!!

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