Move over Satan Shoes because Brandon T. Jackson has entered the chat with his Kingdom Heirs.

The actor and comedian, who now goes by Dawid Ben Yahuda Ben Yisra’El, proudly announced the forthcoming release of his own show, The Kingdom Heirs.

Claim your Royal inheritance and step like a Kingdom Heir. Kingdom Heirs support KOE’s initiatives to feed the world with righteousness and serve the Kingdom with equity.

According to the press release, the shoes feature a branded patent leather tongue, embossed suede waffle cone, a gold Kingdom Lion icon, and an imprinted Kingdom Lion rubber sole. 

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Brandon (Dawid respectfully) took to social media to drag Nike for their alleged involvement in producing the Lil Nas X‘s Satan Shoe (which we now know is untrue).

Nike release a Cease and desist! And I’ll believe you

It’s bigger than a shoe! .. I don’t care if Nike says they have nothing to do with its still a Greek god of victory f$&@ all these pagan brands, I wanna wear our own stuff anyways!!

It’s about who’s side you are on!! 

Click the link in my bio to check out the new “KINGDOM HEIRS” pre-orders go up next week.. stand with the kingdom!!! proceeds goes back to the people of the … Kingdom stay tuned…. it’s bigger than a shoe… it’s about who’s side you are on Pledge your Allegiance now to all Kingdom brands forget pagan brands!! There’s no middle ground anymore! #kingdomovereverything

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Are you here for the Kingdom Heirs?