Brandon Mitchell, juror 52 in the Derek Chauvin trial, has become the target in Chauvin’s appeal case less than a week after he spoke out about the trial.

[Convicted Murderer Derek Chauvin Requests New Trial Claiming Jury Misconduct]

A photo of Brandon wearing a BLM shirt at a Martin Luther King rally last August in Washington D.C. is being called into question.

The shirt Brandon wore had a photo of MLK giving a speech on it, encircled by the words “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS BLM.”

See the pic below:

The rally Mitchell attended was to commemorate MLK’s 1963 March on Washington, but since it was organized by BLM, they are trying to say it was a rally against police brutality based on the messaging on Mitchell’s shirt.

Notice the narrative flip?

Brandon Mitchell shot down the idea that it was a police brutality rally in a recent interview.

Watch the video below:

The early jury questionnaire in the Chauvin trial contained two questions about attending demonstrations against police brutality, one specific to Minneapolis, and one asking generally.

All jurors, including Mitchell, answered “no”.

In my opinion, Mitchell’s answer was correct because an MLK commemoration rally is not the same as a police brutality rally, and a message on a t-shirt doesn’t change that.

Chauvin’s lawyer Eric Nelson filed a motion Tuesday requesting a new trial.

Brandon Mitchell’s name was not mentioned, but it was implied by the words “jury misconduct.”

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ

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