Brandon Mitchell, juror 52 in the Derek Chauvin trial, gave a very insightful account of the jury deliberations in a recent interview.

Mitchell is the first juror to speak out publicly and he didn’t mince any words as he recounted his time in the courtroom.

He explained that during deliberations their process was to have a preliminary vote on each charge prior to their final vote.

Mitchell admitted there was one juror who held out on the manslaughter charge, but that juror came around once the legal jargon was simplified.

When asked if the jury felt any pressure to deliver a guilty verdict, Mitchell responded he didn’t feel any pressure and he doesn’t think any of the other jurors did either.

The pressure more so came from being in the room and being under stress, but it wasn’t pressure to come to a guilty verdict.

Mitchell said the jurors were stressed by coming in everyday to watch a Black man die.

He said it got to a point where he didn’t know if he was going to make it in the next day.

Watch the video below:

We thank Brandon Mitchell for performing his civic duty in this historic trial, and hopefully, he can be a part of the change that makes the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act a reality.

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