Blac Chyna fought internet star, fitness model, and air force veteran Alysia Magen in a Celebrity Boxing Match on June 11.

The fight took place at Charles Dodge Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

At the first press conference face-off, Alysia pushed Chyna, and Chyna looked like she was caught off guard by Alysia’s energy.

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But at the weigh-in face-off on June 10, the night before the fight, Chyna came in ready for all the smoke, especially when Kim Kardashian’s name was mentioned.

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Listen to Alysia’s Blac Chyna diss song below:

Full song:

Well, Alysia didn’t knock Chyna out like she said she was going to do in her song. In the second round, Chyna almost knocked her out.

The fight looked like two women who had never boxed before trying to figure things out. The second round was the most competitive. Chyna got a clean shot in that moved Alysia back, and somehow both women ended up on the mat but there were no knockouts.

By the third round, both women looked like they were trying to conjure up enough energy to make it through the round so they could get paid.

Blac Chyna connected with cleaner shots, and she blocked well, but the fight was ruled a draw.

Both Chyna and Alysia called BS on the fight being called a draw, and their fans in attendance agreed.

Twitter’s reaction was somewhat of a mixed bag, although more people appeared to feel like Alysia won the fight.

A lot of tweeters had no idea Chyna was fighting. And others thought the fight was hilarious.

According to the Twitter rumor mill, Chyna was scheduled to spend the day after the fight with her kids.

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Watch the full boxing match below, and let us know who you think won:

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