Billie Eilish Nikes Brings Birthday Girl To Tears

Addison, who is a huge Billie Eilish fan, nearly passed out at her birthday party when she was gifted some Billie Eilish Nikes.

In the video, Addison appears to be in front of family and friends opening her surprise birthday gift.

As she starts ripping off the wrapping paper, voices in the background are heard saying, “Oh no, Billie kicks… She knows… Oh sweet Jesus! Now she’s gonna ball!… C’mon, sis!…

As Addison continues to rip off the wrapping paper, she sees the top of the shoe box and sinks under the table in tears.

When she gets up and fully opens the box, she pulls out a shirt and a pair of socks and nearly passes out, then she pulls one of the shoes out and grabs her chest while breathing erratically. 

After getting a good look at the shirt, she lets her guests know that she’s going to be all right before heading to her friend’s outreached arms for a hug.

Nobody can say that Addison didn’t get what she wanted for her birthday.

Watch the video of Addison opening her surprise gift courtesy of Nice Kicks below.

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