Ray Benzino felt the need to share his perspective on the story that was told about the altercation between the Made Men and the Ruff Ryders on episode 5 of The Ruff Riders Chronicles.

Benzino said he is not sure how the story got twisted, but his version is the truth and that’s on his mama!

Put on your seatbelts because it’s a bumpy ride.

Benzino claims he had nothing to do with the situation, and it was all about his Made Men promotion guy Jermaine and a female who was looking for DMX.

According to Benzino, his promotion guy Jermaine told him that there was a female on the Def Jam bus that had DMX’s hotel key, and she was looking for him.

Somehow the story transitioned into Jermaine having sex on the bus with the female that was looking for DMX.

When Jermaine got off the bus he said someone from the Def Jam street team saw him with X’s girl, words were exchanged and they started fighting.

Jermaine was kicked off the tour bus, and he went back to Boston.

Benzino said the night of the Fleet Center shows in Boston, Made Men killed their set and they decided to watch the Ruff Ryders set…something they didn’t normally do.

During the Ruff Ryders set, Benzino said Queen Pen came up to him crying saying that DMX was looking for Jermaine and talking crazy.

I really don’t understand why Queen Pen was crying.

Benzino said his crew was about 30 deep that night and to try to avoid confrontation his intention was to grab Jermaine take him to DMX and talk it out like men.

On their way to see DMX, Benzino said he saw Styles P, dapped him up, and talked to him.

During the conversation with Styles, Benzino said his crew showed up and he had no clue who told them to come down.

Soon after, DMX’s crew showed up and there was about 30 dudes on each side.

At this point, Benzino said they still didn’t see X, and he is sure that the LOX didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Styles said, “Yo! There is no beef over here, Ray is my man!”

Then, somebody from Benzino’s crew threw a plastic water bottle and all hell broke loose.

Benzino said the altercation only lasted about 7 minutes, but a couple of people got stabbed.

Then the police came and maced up the scene and everybody left.

Benzino said sometime later he and some of his people met with Dee, Kiss, & Waah at a restaurant in New York, and told them the story that Jermaine told him and they squashed the beef.

Then Benzino said Kiss told him that when they were at the police station that night the police asked them why they didn’t kill Ray (Benzino).

Benzino said he wasn’t surprised by this because the Boston police had been on him since the 80s.

After Benzino squashed the beef with Kiss he said he thought it was over because he still hadn’t heard anything from DMX.

Sometime later, Benzino said he came across one of DMX’s boys in LA, and he told Benzino that DMX wanted to talk to him, and only he could come.

Benzino agreed and went to DMX’s house, and they met, played pool, and rode in one of DMX’s custom cars that had a picture of Aaliyah painted on the hood.

The whole time Benzino said DMX made no mention of Jermaine or the female.

Benzino said DMX told him they would get together again early the next morning.

DMX kept his promise and sent a car for Benzino the next morning.

They spent the day at a spot called Hobby Town where they raced motorized remote control cars, and that night they went to the studio.

At this point DMX still didn’t mention anything about Jermaine or the female.

This is where the story gets weird.

Benzino said the skinny dude from Jodeci (K-Ci) walked into the studio, and he was excited to meet him.

According to Benzino, when DMX went in the booth and did his verse he addressed the situation with Jermaine and the female in his verse.

DMX also said in the verse that he has no beef with Benzino and it’s all love.

Benzino said he did his verse and also said that there was no beef and everything was cool.

According to Benzino, there is a song called ‘Lean On Me’ produced by P-Killa, with K-Ci singing on the hook, with both verses on it, but the song never came out.

Listen to Ray Benzino tell the story in his own words below:

I know a lot of Ray Benzino’s story may sound embellished, but the LOX validate some of it in the clip below:

Do you believe Benzino’s story or do you believe The Ruff Ryders Chronicles?