Malaysia Pargo stepped up and secured her friendship with Brandi Maxiell by FaceTiming her at her surprise party to let her know she still loves her and will always have her back.

The ladies threw Brandi a surprise casino-themed party to commemorate the memory of her father, whose death she took very hard.

Brandi was full of emotions as she took in the beautiful layout of the venue. 

After the ladies presented Brandi with a heartfelt gift, Jackie Christie nervously gave her phone to Brandi with Malaysia on FaceTime.

This season on the show, up until this point, Brandi and Malaysia had been at odds because Brandi felt that Malaysia, who she considered a true friend, was not there for her when her father passed.

Malaysia seized the opportunity to correct her wrong, via the FaceTime call.

Hey Brandi!

 I know that we are not in the best space right now, but I didn’t want to miss another big important moment in your life.

I know how much your father meant to you, and I hope that this moment gives you a lot of peace and joy.

And no matter what, at the heart and the core of it all, I still love you, and I’m always gonna be there for you.

Brandi responded, “I love you Malaysia.”

It was a very sincere reconciliation during such a meaningful moment.

Watch the VH1 video clip below:

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell rebuilding their friendship.

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