New fear unlocked. Early Tuesday morning, a section of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed when struck by a large container ship, resulting in multiple vehicles and individuals plunging into the frigid waters below.

The collapse occurred around 1:30 a.m. when the cargo vessel collided with one of the bridge supports, causing it to break and buckle. 

Subsequently, several vehicles fell into the Patapsco River as the roadway above disintegrated. 

The impact ignited a fire on the vessel, with black smoke rising into the sky.

According to officials, sonar readings revealed multiple vehicles submerged in the water, which had a temperature of approximately 47 degrees.

During a press briefing close to the bridge, Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace reported that two individuals had been successfully rescued, but there are concerns about others still unaccounted for. 

The estimated number of missing individuals varied between seven and twenty throughout the updates.

“Seeing the Key Bridge collapse like that, it’s something you’d never expect to witness firsthand.

It resembled a scene from an action movie,” remarked Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott during the update, describing the situation as “an unthinkable tragedy.”

Kevin Cartwright, director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, emphasized the gravity of the situation, labeling it a “dire emergency.”

He underscored their immediate focus on rescue and recovery efforts, characterizing the collapse as a “developing mass casualty event.”

Cartwright identified the involved ship as the “Dali.”

According to Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder, the Dali was en route from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka, under a Singapore flag, measuring approximately 985 feet in length and 157 feet in width. 

Maryland Department of Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld stated that vessel traffic at the Port of Baltimore had been halted, though ground traffic could still proceed.

The Maryland Transportation Authority confirmed the closure of all lanes on the bridge, with traffic redirected.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore declared a State of Emergency in the state and mobilized federal resources to address the situation.

My heart and prayers are with the city of Baltimore and everyone impacted by this unfathomable incident.

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