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Pau Gasol Names Newborn After Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Gianna

Pau Gasol honored his dear friend, Kobe Bryant, in the most beautiful way.

The former Los Angeles Laker and his wife, Catherine, named their newborn daughter after Gianna Bryant.

In a post on his Instagram page, Pau Gasol shared a photo of himself, his wife, and their newborn daughter, Elisabet Gianna Gasol, with the caption:

Our little one has finally arrived!! The delivery went really well and we couldn’t be happier!! Elisabet Gianna Gasol ?, a very meaningful name for our super beautiful daughter!! ❤️?‍?‍? #girldad

See Pau’s original post below:

Vanessa Bryant, who is Elisabet’s Godmother, gushed: ‘Love you 3!!! Congratulations!!❤️”

Vanessa Bryant

Congratulations to the Gasols on the birth of their princess.

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