Atlanta restaurants and clubs are prepping for the boost in business from All-Star Weekend, despite Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ plea for people to stay home and watch the event on TV.

Mayor Lance Bottoms discouraged fans from traveling to Atlanta for All-Star Weekend as a safety measure due to the pandemic.

She also discouraged bars and clubs from promoting any events using All-Star Weekend on their promotional ads.

Of course, Atlanta businesses did not listen to the mayor and they are gearing up to make as much money as they can this weekend.

Watch the video below of Mayor Lance Bottoms reiterating her stance:

Brookhaven, a city located in the northeastern suburbs of Atlanta has even allowed bars to extend their hours to 4:00 A.M. to capitalize on the potential influx of revenue, completely ignoring Mayor Lance Bottoms plea.

Watch the video below about Brookhaven’s All-Star Weekend parties:

The Atlanta boys in blue have announced that their presence will be felt for anyone acting out of line this NBA All-Star Weekend.

Watch the video below:

Word on the streets is that a few Atlanta clubs have been having NBA All-Star parties since Wednesday.

Somebody get Keisha on the phone!

The NBA says they are dedicating their NBA All-Star platform in Atlanta to the importance of supporting HBCU’s, but I’m sure the fact that Atlanta’s nightlife has been open for months in spite of the pandemic also played into their decision.

For those that are here in Atlanta and choose to participate in the parties please mask up and stay safe.

I will be in the safety of my home enjoying the NBA All-Star events on tv.

Your thoughts…