An Atlanta mom was attacked and tased inside her Buckhead home by a fake flower delivery guy while her two children were upstairs.

Sabrina says she was tased for approximately 10 seconds after she allowed the guy inside her home to sit the flowers down.

She managed to remove the taser from her stomach and run upstairs to get her gun and secure her two sons.

She then called 911, but the guy had already left.

The suspect is still on the loose.

It was discovered from the video camera above her garage that the fake flower delivery guy pulled up to her house for more than 16 days straight.

He actually dressed as an exterminator and came to her front door to size up the cameras, days before he showed up with the flowers.

Sabrina hired a private investigator to try to track down where the flowers came from because she believes his fingerprints may still be on the vase.

But, the PI was unable to find out where the flowers came from.

Watch the CBS46 Atlanta news report below:

Hopefully, this idiot is caught and Sabrina and her two boys can stop living in fear.

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