John Collins’ t-shirt guy needs to be commended for his turn-around time because the t-shirt Collins wore at the Game 7 post-game press conference was legendary.

The Hawks beat the Philadelphia 76ers, in Game 7, last night to advance to the NBA Eastern Conference Championship, and at the post-game press conference Hawks forward John Collins reminded Sixers Center Joel Embiid of one of his most embarrassing moments of the series.

Collins wore a custom-made shirt of him dunking on Embiid in Game 6. The Hawks lost Game 6 in Atlanta, but Collins’ dunk electrified the crowd and will go down as one of the best alley-oop dunks in playoff history. Embiid looked discombobulated after the dunk, to add insult to injury Collins had his hand around Embiid’s neck on his ascend.

Watch the Game 6 dunk on Embiid in the video below:

Watch John Collins in the Game 7 press conference with the custom made dunk shirt on in the video below:

Game 6 was Friday night, which means Collins’ T-shirt guy had a few hours Saturday to make the shirt before the Hawks flew out to Philly for Sunday’s Game 7.

After Game 6, the series was tied 3-3 and Philly fans were feeling really confident about closing the series at home in Game 7. Rappers Meek Mill and Gillie Da King posted some footage to their IG accounts on Friday thinking the Sixers had this series in the bag.

Rumor has it that Philly rapper Meek Mill and ATL rapper Quavo had a $10k bet on the series.

In the end, my ATL Hawks represented and beat the Sixers in Philly.

Quavo posted himself celebrating in the Hawks locker room after the game.

Shout out to the Hawks for knocking off the #1 seed in the East and making it to the NBA Eastern Conference Championship, and shout out to John Collins’ T-shirt guy who made an epic shirt in a short amount of time.

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