ASAP Rocky Releases ‘D.M.B.’ Video Starring Rihanna

ASAP Rocky Releases 'D.M.B.' Video Starring Rihanna

ASAP Rocky released the video for his new single ‘D.M.B’ starring Rihanna on May 5th and it has racked up over 6 million YouTube views in 2 days.

The RiRi effect is real.

D.M.B. is an acronym for “Dats My B****.”

In the video, ASAP Rocky expresses his love for Rihanna, and by the end of the video, they are bonded together in marriage.

Watch the video below:

The video was ASAP’s directorial debut, and judging by the Twitter reaction he did a great job.

Scoop some Twitter reaction below:

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING ASAP’s “D.M.B.” video starring Rihanna?

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