Aries Spears (via Instagram)

Aries Spears is making headlines with his latest social media plea, urging Black women to ditch big fake eyelashes.

In a video posted on Instagram over the weekend, the comedian who was sued for sex abuse, shared his thoughts with his followers:

Quick Public Service Announcement: To all of my beautiful Black Queens out there, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I love you, I respect you… you’re beautiful and you’re mandatory.

That being said… can some of y’all – please for the love of God – stop wearing those big fake a** eyelashes!

You have no idea… are you not aware of how ridiculous that s**t looks?!

Watch Aries Spears’ video below.

With all due respect… I don’t think Aries Spears should be delivering any messages to women about their appearance.

Based on the replies in his comment section, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I kindly ask you worry about your health instead of what black women are putting on their face 😒

Well, we don’t like your dark discoloration around your eyes and neck. Do you have hypertension, kidney disease, or diabetes?

Seems like you always have something to say negative about blk women. All races of women go over board with it but when blk women do something that does look good etc. it’s always a light shinned on it. The disclaimer in the beginning wasn’t to believable because you say you love blk women but always talking about dating Spanish women etc. No harm meant but just stating what I see.

Why people in the comments say you look like a walking bruise 😂😂

Get rid of them raccoon rings around ur eyes b4 talking bout the ladies.

What are your thoughts on Aries Spears’ remarks?

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