Aries Spears Responds To Mike Epps Calling Him 'Dirty and Sick'

Aries Spears recently had some choice words for Mike Epps after he called him “dirty and sick” on social media.

“He look dirty and sick ? and has not been on tv since mad tv.”

Mike’s comment was in response to Aries’ fat-shaming comments about Lizzo during his “The Art of Dialogue” interview.

Watch the clip from “The Art of Dialogue” interview below:

Aries received a lot of backlash for his comments following the interview, which he responded to with a series of Instagram posts questioning the logic of females, and weirdly promoting his “Spears and Steinberg” podcast.

Aries claims that Mike is still stewing because he checked him publicly over the “stupid” comment he made that “cops kill us because we kill us.”

He also stated that he’s heard that people have walked out of Mike’s comedy shows.

But, my response to him as far as, you know, my comedic ability…

Listen, people don’t really walk out of my shows.

I’ve been from city to city, and people was like, ‘Yo Mike was garbage!’

So I’m a say again to Mike, ‘Aye Mike, tone down the volume on the shiny suits and expensive jewelry. 

Step your funny game up. That’s where it counts, get some dirt on you pimp!’

Watch the Vlad TV interview clip below:

Aries Spears has had a rough couple of weeks, and with the recent molestation lawsuit filed against him and Tiffany Haddish, he may need to consider falling back from social media.

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