Ariana Grande has done it again! The pop superstar released the official music video for her 2K24 version of the iconic hit “The Boy Is Mine,” and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Fans are in for a treat with cameos from the original divas, Brandy and Monica, who originally made the song a classic back in 1998.

The star-studded video also features “You” star Penn Badgley, who takes on the role of “Mayor Max Starling.”

Penn Badgley as Mayor Max Starling

In a twist of irony, the Christian Breslauer-directed visual places Penn at the center of Ariana’s obsession.

Ariana taps into her inner feline to make him hers, channeling a playful yet intense pursuit that adds a fresh twist to the beloved track.

In the video, Ariana and Penn share several captivating scenes, with Ariana’s charisma and Penn’s charm making for a dynamic on-screen pairing.

The visual also pays homage to the original song with Brandy and Monica making their appearances, adding a layer of nostalgia that fans are sure to appreciate.

Watch the official music video for Ariana Grande’s “The Boy Is Mine” below and see the magic for yourself:

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