There’s nothing like finding out someone you’re a fan of is also a fan of yours! Cardi B geeked out when she learned Penn Badgley, the star of the hit Netflix series, “You,” is a fan of hers.

Cardi B apparently saw a clip of Penn praising her for her authentic relationship with her social media followers during one of his press conferences.

She reposted the clip with the caption:

OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! ???????????????????????????????? OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous.

See her original tweet below.

Penn responded, but couldn’t finish his sentence…he simply wrote, “I-.”

Then, the two of them switched their profile pics to show each other love.

Now, this is all fun and games until Joe creates a keepsake box with Cardi’s nails in it.