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Ari Lennox, the first female artist signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, recently said on the “R&B Money Podcast” that she would leave music for love and a family.

The 31-year-old Grammy-nominated singer recalled a time when she was ready to push her dreams aside for love, but her man opted to go into the military.

And I was ready to leave it all for this man, but he went to the military.

He went to the military, and so I was forced to kind of like focus on my dreams.

But, like, I really… I always want to leave this for love and start a family, like, I don’t want to keep doing this.

I know it’s sad. I don’t want to give that much energy to, like, this man or this dream man.

But it’s like, I want a family. I feel like that is… that’s true life or true love, like, to have a family is beautiful it seems, so I want that.

Watch the clip of the Ari Lennox interview on the “R&B Money Podcast” below:

Ari is incredibly talented, but it’s no secret she has a love/hate relationship with music.

She has often voiced her frustrations with her label, fans, and challenges as a recording artist.

Months ago, she took to Twitter writing:

I want to be dropped from the labels. I’m done and tired.

For Christ sakes. I realize I have no hits. I realize you all can live without hearing my music. I realize my complaining is so aggravating to y’all. I don’t ask blogs to post me when I’m at my worst. You judgemental self-hating parasites wouldn’t last a day as a signed artist.

Complaining that I’m complaining about the sh*t I’m going through meanwhile in real life you’re just as unhappy just as f**ked up.

You crying in the car too. Somebody calling you insensitive and dramatic too. You could never be honest about your demons.

The good news is Ari Lennox seems to be in a good space these days and she recently announced her 2023 Age/Sex/Location North American Tour.

The Age/Sex/Location Tour kicks off on January 26, 2023, in Las Vegas and wraps up on March 28, 2023, in Washington, D.C.

See the full list of dates below.

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