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Angela Simmons Valentine’s Day Video For Yo Gotti Has Fans In Their Feelings

Angela Simmons Valentine’s Day Tribute Video To Yo Gotti Has Commenters In Their Feels

Angela Simmons posted a Valentine’s Day tribute video for rapper and CEO Yo Gotti that has fans in their feels.

She captioned her IG video post, “Lover, man, best friend ❤️ #LoversDay2023

Yo Gotti told the world he was crushing on Angela seven years ago in his hit song “Down In The DM.”

He also took advantage of an opportunity presented to him by the ladies on “The Real” to woo Angela a year after putting her name in his song.

In 2022, Yo Gotti’s pursuits became his reality, and in early January 2023, Angela began confessing her love for Yo Gotti on Instagram.

See Angela’s Valentine’s Day Yo Gotti tribute post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Angela Simmons comment 1.
Angela Simmons comment 2.
Angela S. comment 3.
Yo Gotti comment 4.
Yo Gotti comment 5.

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