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Yo Gotti is truly out here showing rappers “where the money resides” by signing Louisville rapper EST Gee for $750k cash on the spot.

I hope EST Gee has a good security team.

Watch the video below:

Yo Gotti believes EST Gee is a star and he admires his hustler mentality.

I know a star and hustler when I see one and EST Gee is up next. He got what it takes.

EST Gee is 26-years-old and he is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. Life has recently dealt him some bad hands with the loss of his mother and brother last year and being shot 5 times, once in his eye, in 2019.

Watch the video below to learn more about EST Gee’s story:

2021 is definitely looking up for EST Gee with his recent CMG signing. I believe CMG is the perfect place for him because it is a label that is known for taking care of their artist, and the CEO, Yo Gotti, has a wealth of knowledge about the game and the business that he doesn’t mind sharing with his artists.

EST Gee’s most recent project is called I Still Don’t Feel Nun, and he recently performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with his Kentucky brethren rapper Jack Harlow.

Watch the video from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” below:

Shout out to Yo Gotti for acknowledging EST Gee’s talent and putting him in a situation to make his dreams a reality.

Look out for EST Gee in the future because I’m sure Yo Gotti is on a mission to make him a household name.

Source: HipHopDX