Angela Simmons Has People In Their Feels As She Surprises Her Son SJ With A Puppy

Angela Simmons surprised her son SJ with a puppy and shared the adorable video via Instagram.

The video began with Angela sharing a message about persistence.

She said she had a long conversation in the morning with her son SJ about never settling, and when he asked her what settling meant she told him.

In the midst of the settling conversation, she said she asked SJ what he wanted, and she told him “when we don’t settle, you just go out and get it.”

Apparently, SJ said he wanted a puppy because Angela decided to surprise him with a puppy when she picked him up from school.

The look on SJ’s face when he saw the puppy was priceless.

She captioned her Instagram video post:

Never settle! Stay Persistent! And GO get it ‼️❣️ You’ve been persistent❤️❤️ God answered your prayers Welcome Home Benjamin Franklin AKA Benny 🐶😍

@supremepupsss thank you !!!!!

Watch Angela Simmons’ original Instagram video below:

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