Angela Simmons Passes Down Her Baby Father’s Business To Her Son

Angela Simmons revealed in a beautiful Instagram post that her ex-fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, who passed away in 2018, left their son a business “he can grow with.”

She captioned her post:

My baby is a young CEO. His father was sure to leave him behind something he can grow with. My son loves making money (hustling). It’s in his blood.

It’s time to finally give him what’s his! Your son gets the torch now. Though you are not here with us your legacy lives on ❤️ Go time baby boy 🚀 @wearelittlegiants

Little Giants Giants Shorties is a premium streetwear clothing line for kids.

The owner Khristy Hill and her partner, Ivan Rivera, started the business six years ago when she was six months pregnant with their son.

It’s unclear when Sutton Tennyson hooked up with Khristy or Ivan to become part owner, but in the video, Angela acknowledges Ivan as her son’s business partner.

6-year-old Sutton Joseph Jr. was super excited about the news of becoming a young CEO.

In the adorable IG video, they show him signing a contract.

See Angela Simmons’ original IG post below:

Congrats to the young CEO, Sutton Joseph Jr.! We wish him all the best with his new business venture.

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