Amanda Seales on 'Club Shay Shay' (via Instagram)

Amanda Seales recalled her challenging stint of replacing Natalie Stewart in Floetry and how Marsha Ambrosius “never made it any easier.”

For those of you who may not remember, Amanda joined the duo in 2007 and it was an uphill battle for her because fans of the duo didn’t know Natalie had left. 

So, when Amanda Seales popped out on stage with Marsha Ambrosius the crowds would boo and heckle her until she won them over with her voice. 

During her “Club Shay Shay” interview, Amanda recalled an incident where the entire audience in Washington, D.C. turned their backs to the stage to protest her performance. 

She told Shannon, “It was like I was on ‘The Voice.’ I had to get them to spin those chairs around.”

But, Amanda said Marsha didn’t help make her transition into the duo any easier and she believes it was because she had an ulterior motive. 

I think…that they wanted me to quit.

Because then she could proceed on the tour by herself.

She was in the process of going into her solo career.

And the way that I was treated…was so sh—y that I think they were really trying to force me to quit and they almost did!

They almost got me out of that b—!

Amanda Seales said it was the duo’s drummer, Daryl, who discouraged her from quitting.

Amanda, who admitted she was sleeping with the music director, received intel from him that Marsha Ambrosius was trying to remove her solo performance from the set.

As she was confronting Marsha in the car, Amanda received a call informing her that Natalie Stewart was on the radio with Wendy Williams and she was ripping Amanda up!

After listening to the interview Amanda said she asked Marsha what she was planning to do about the negative press they’ve received on behalf of Natalie and her response was “nothing.”

Listen to Amanda’s version of how her Floetry experience went down. (1:13:04 mark)

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