Alpo Martinez, the notorious drug lord-turned-federal witness, was assassinated early Sunday (October 31) morning in Harlem.

Martinez, 55, was behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram on Frederick Douglass Boulevard near W. 152nd St. when multiple gunshots exploded through his driver’s side window just after 3:20 a.m., according to police sources. 

Alpo’s truck rear-ended another motorist before crashing into three parked cars on W. 147th Street.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Alpo Martinez gasping for air with six gunshot wounds to his arm, one shot in his chest, and a graze wound on his face.

Medics rushed him to Harlem Hospital, but he could not be saved.

Alpo was a controversial figure with a tarnished reputation on the streets of Harlem after he snitched on members of his murderous drug-trafficking ring to avoid a life sentence.

He was released into a witness protection program in 2015 and had been living under the alias Abraham Rodriguez of Lewiston, Maine.

In a 2018 clip on YouTube, Alpo callously described killing his best friend, Rich Porter

He said he had is “little man” shoot Rich twice inside of a van, but when they went to dump his body they realized he was still alive. 

So I grabbed the gun, I grabbed the gun from my little man and I put one in his head, and then I had to pick him up, I had to pick him up and dump him.

Listen below with caution.

Upon the news of Alpo’s death, Rich Porter’s family celebrated in the streets of Harlem with champagne.

Porter’s niece, Lorell, drank champagne from a fancy glass as she said:

We waited for a long time for this day to come and we are happy. That’s why we’re out here celebrating, drinking champagne.

Everybody’s reaction right now is celebrating. It’s a celebration for Harlem, period. Not even my family.

Now my uncle can finally rest in peace, 32 years later. It’s just that the pain my mother felt all these years, I been feeling the pain with her.

Every dog has their day and today was his. I believe in karma, and I’m glad that I was here to witness it.

The Porter family also honored the memory of Rich’s young brother, Donnell Porter, who was kidnapped at 12-years-old and held for $500,000 ransom. 

Sadly, he was killed before Rich could come up with the money.

Paid In Full - Cam'ron - Wood Harris - Mekhi Phifer

Cam’ron famously portrayed a character based on Alpo Martinez in the 2002 film, Paid In Full

Mekhi Phifer played a character based on Rich Porter, who was 24 when he was killed. 

Source: NY Daily News