Where is Carol Baskins when you need her? There is a Bengal tiger on the loose in West Houston, and the alleged owner has been taken into custody.

Victor Hugo Cuevas was arrested on Sunday night after allegedly fleeing the scene with a Bengal tiger.

Victor was allegedly keeping the tiger at a rental home as a pet, which is illegal in Houston.

The tiger was spotted by neighbors roaming the neighborhood.

A concerned neighbor alerted other families in the neighborhood to stay home because a Bengal tiger was on the loose.

An off duty sheriff officer, who lives in the neighborhood, pulled a gun on the tiger as the tiger approached him and the alleged owner came out screaming, “Don’t kill it!… Don’t kill it!”

The off duty officer instructed the alleged owner to take the tiger back in the house.

According to police, when they showed up the alleged owner put the tiger in a white SUV and drove off from the scene, a brief pursuit ensued and the alleged owner got away with the tiger.

The alleged owner was later arrested at his mother’s house, but the Bengal tiger was nowhere to be found.

Watch the GMA report below:

Victor’s attorney implied that the tiger doesn’t belong to him, but who willingly takes a tiger into their home if it doesn’t belong to them?

Your thoughts?