Akbar V solicits prayers for her daughter via Instagram

An emotional Akbar V took to Instagram on Tuesday seeking prayers for her daughter who is currently in the hospital “fighting for her life.” 

Sadly, the rapper was faced with a lack of empathy from the public because days prior she was on Twitter mocking Cardi B over her marital issues with Offset

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Akbar V tearfully pleaded with people to refrain from saying her daughter’s health crisis is her karma. 

Can I tell y’all something? For people that’s saying, ‘karma,’ it ain’t my karma. It ain’t her karma.

My kid…she’s a good kid. She’s smart, she’s funny.

What I spoke on…it was about a relationship. Man and woman. It wasn’t about what this is about.

My baby fighting for her life. 

Akbar broke down as she shared, “She’s not like me. She’s a good kid. She’s humble. She’s genuine. Just keep that to y’all self cause y’all don’t know what makes me say the certain things that I say.

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Akbar V noted that she wasn’t saying anything negative about Cardi B and Offset. 

I was making fun and joking and talking smack. If a man would have left me then y’all can say that’s my karma cause of what I said.

But, not with my daughter. Don’t say that.

Watch a clip below.

Akbar shared a photo of her only daughter along with the caption:

If nothing has humble me today I’m humbled today I change my thoughts and my heart and my past beefs my past angers.

God hear my humble cry I need you this my baby this my only daughter…

Don’t do this to me…I surrender God…help us…😢pray 🙏🏾

See her original post below. 

Akbar V daughter Dora via Instagram

Please join me in sending up a prayer for Akbar V’s daughter.

God can pull her through whatever health challenge she is facing and he’s able to change her mother’s heart.

UPDATE: Akbar V’s Husband Says Their Daughter Isn’t ‘Fighting For Her Life’

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