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Ahmaud Arbery’s mother Wanda Cooper-Jones has settled a trademark dispute with 2:23 Foundation without going to court.

Wanda claimed 2:23 Foundation was using Ahmaud Arbery’s name and likeness to receive large amounts of cash donations without her approval.

2:23 Foundation describes themselves on their IG page as “a non-profit organization created to combat social injustices so that young black and brown bodies can grow up in a world of equity and equality.”

2:23 Foundation stated in a recent IG post that they raised $2M through GoFundMe for the Arbery estate.

This has not been confirmed or denied. Wanda may want to look into this next.


The terms of the settlement that Wanda and 2:23 Foundation came to calls for the 2:23 Foundation to phase out their usage of the 2:23 Foundation mark and for $345,306 in donations to be transferred to Wanda’s newly established foundation, The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation.

The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation officially launches on Ahmaud’s birthday, May 8.

Rep. Maxine Waters, Angela Rye, Roddy Rich, Young Thug, and NBA star Tracy McGrady have all been slated to speak or perform at the launch.

2:23 Foundation and Wanda put out a joint press release on April 29, 2021 (today) for immediate release.

Ahmaud Arbery’s mother had every right to go after an organization for using her son’s likeness for financial gain.

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Source: TMZ

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