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50 Cent Under Fire For Using Michael K. Williams’ Death To Promote ‘Raising Kanan’

50 cent is getting dragged through the streets of Twitter for using the death of Michael K. Williams to promote the most recent episode of “Raising Kanan.

In the post, 50 Cent references episode 7 of the Starz series, where multiple drug users die after Kanan cooks up a deadly batch of crack using a substance nicknamed “Cynda Williams.”

Fif correlates the events of the episode to the alarming amount of fentanyl-related deaths.

The Twitterverse deemed 50’s tweet to be extremely insensitive and disgusting, and they had no problem letting him know.

Scoop the tweets below:


Some people are using Michael K. Williams’ relationship with Jimmy Henchman to rationalize 50’s comments, but I was taught you never speak ill of the dead.

50 Cent is clearly unbothered by the backlash. So much so, that he doubled down and promoted the show again using a headline about the outrage.

50 Cent Promotes Raising Kanan - Michael K. Williams

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