As the world mourns the profound loss of Michael K. Williams, many of his cast mates from “The Wire” have taken to social media to honor and pay tribute to the talented and beloved actor.

See their tributes and posts below.

Idris Elba:


Wood Harris:

❤ u mike. This hurts bad…
Wire Brothers forever…
Sad day

Sonja Sohn:

Always & Forever ????

Hassan Johnson:

Damnit Mike. What I wouldn’t do to hear you knocking at my door after church to walk to Lexington Market for that oh so scrumptious lump crab cake one more time????The MOST selfless human being I knew. Epitome of a mentor or big brother.

Put me on to real life survival tactics from how to stay looking young forever to getting my whites cleaner in the wash lol never get caught slippin’ smh.

Those that truly know you know you loved US more than yourself. We weren’t worthy. Rest up Broski ✨????????????

Jamie Hector:

One of the realest, Gone too soon!! @bkbmg Michael K Williams. Hurt!!

Lance Riddick:

Michael K. Williams: One of the kindest, gentlest, most genuine, giving and courageous souls I’ve ever met. Rest in peace, my brother. #MichaelKWilliams

Domenick Lombardozzi:

Michael K Williams I knew was kind. Fair. Gentle. And super f**king talented. I’ll cherish our talks and I’ll miss him tremendously. My deepest condolences to the Williams family. Rest my friend. ????????

Tray Chaney:

I can’t…I’m crushed. ????

no words. I love you bro. RIP to the legend Michael K Williams aka one of the dopest Actors/Brother in the world. #Omar #TheWIRE FOR LIFE. I’m off the grid for a while hard to process this one. I love you bro smh damn ????????‍♂️????????????

Isiah Whitlock Jr.:

Shocked and saddened by the death of Michael K Williams. One of the nicest brothers on the planet with the biggest heart. An amazing actor and soul. May you RIP. God bless.

Wendell Pierce:

The depth of my love for this brother, can only be matched by the depth of my pain learning of his loss. A immensely talented man with the ability to give voice to the human condition portraying the lives of those whose humanity is seldom elevated until he sings their truth.

If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. His name was Michael K. Williams. He shared with me his secret fears then stepped out into his acting with true courage, acting in the face of fear, not in the absence of it. It took me years to learn what Michael had in abundance.

He was proud of the artist he had become, asking for my advice long after he had surpassed any incite I could have shared.Always truthful, never inauthentic. The kindest of persons. Like two mischievous kids, we would laugh & joke whenever we would meet. Like Baltimore years ago

THE WIRE brought us together and immortalized Omar & Bunk in that “scene” on a park bench.But for us we aimed to take that moment in time together and say something about Black men. Our struggle with ourselves, internally, and each other. For me & Mike we had nothing but respect

So to you, my brother Mike, there is a small comfort that I know, you knew how much we loved you.

“There is a certain immortality involved in theater, not created by monuments and books, but through the knowledge an actor keeps to his dying day that on a certain afternoon, in an empty and dusty theater, he cast the shadow of a being that was not himself…….

but the distillation of all that he had ever observed; all the unsingable heart song the ordinary man may feel but never utter, he gave voice to. And by that somehow joins the ages. Mike…….you joined the ages.

Farewell my friend,

Love Wendell

Tristan Wilds:

you had my back since i was 15. came to Stapleton to check me multiple times and all of that. one of the guys i was constantly trying to make proud, because you knew i was great even before i did.

we never show our appreciation for the light until the dark, and i’m sorry the world couldn’t love you the way you loved us.

there’s no words i got that can show my full gratitude for you, but i love you, and i thank you for everything. no goodbyes, just see you later. love live the king. RIP MKW.

J.D. Williams:

Although we wish you were still here we are happy to have gotten to spend time with you and share on your talent. In a short time you created a BEAUTIFUL legacy that will always be remembered and revered.

I’ll always carry how positive and encouraging you were with me. I’ll always remember those freezing nights on set and those hot nights in Club One.

We’ve done MANY projects together so I know I was always in good company with class. I can’t say too soon because everything is in its time, and you did the MOST with the time you had.

You family should be honored. We, your cast mates are PROUD, and you should be too. Because of you, people know “a man’s gotta have a code”. Rest in Power my brother.

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My sincerest condolences to all who knew and loved Michael K. Williams.

May he rest in peace.

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