3 Sharon Hill Cops Charged In Shooting Death Of 8-Year-Old Fanta Bility

Three Sharon Hill cops have been charged with the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl at a high school football game. 

Fanta Bility was killed on August 27, 2021, at an Academy Park High School game in Sharon Hill, near Philadelphia.

Two teens got into an altercation ONE BLOCK AWAY, shots were fired, and a car sped past the game.

The three officers, who were in attendance at the game, opened fire on the car despite the crowd of people leaving the game.

Fanta was fatally wounded and her older sister was also struck by the gunfire.

Over 20 rounds were reportedly fired into the crowd by police.

Initially, law enforcement tried to blame Fanta’s death on the car that sped past the game and went as far as to charge the teens with first-degree murder.

After public outcry, petitions, demands for transparency, and a full investigation, it was found that Fanta Bility was indeed struck by the bullets fired by the police officers. 

The district attorney’s office said in a statement: 

We have now concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that it was, in fact, shots from the officers that struck and killed Fanta Bility and injured three others.

Sharon Hill police officers Devon Smith, Sean Dolan and Brian Devaney with 12 counts of manslaughter (voluntary and involuntary) and reckless endangerment.

Bail was set at $500,000 for each suspect and they are expected to be back in court next week. 

The officers were placed on leave following the shooting and the Sharon Hill Borough Council will vote on Thursday whether or not to fire the officers. 

18-year-old Hasein Strand and a 16-year-old, who also fired shots at the game, have been charged.

Strand is set to serve 32-to-64 months in state prison after pleading guilty to illegal possession of a firearm and charges of aggravated assault for his wounding of a child bystander during the gunfight.

The minor teen “remains charged with serious crimes for his attempt to kill Strand,” prosecutors said.

Kudos to the community for not allowing the police to pass the buck or sweep the shooting of this baby under the rug. 

Source: NY Daily News

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