Police have charged three people in the senseless killing of a Family Dollar security guard Calvin Munerlyn.

Munerlyn got into a verbal altercation with customer Sharmel Lashe Teague on Friday (May 1) when she entered the store with her daughter, who was not wearing a state-mandated face mask.

Calvin Munerlyn told Sharmel her daughter needed to wear a mask and she began yelling at him.

The daughter eventually left the store. Calvin also asked Sharmel to leave the store and instructed the cashier not to serve her.

Sharmel Lashe Teague left in an SUV. 20 minutes later, the SUV returned to the store and her husband, Larry Edward Teague, and son, Ramonyea Travon Bishop, confronted Calvin over the incident before shooting him in the head.

Ramonyea reportedly pulled the trigger.

Calvin Munerlyn was rushed to a Flint hospital where he died. He was 43.

Sharmel, 45, Larry, 44, and Ramonyea, 23, have all been charged with first-degree premeditated murder.

Larry Teague, Sharmel Teague,Ramonyea Bishop - 3 People Charged In Killing Of Family Dollar Security Guard Over Face Mask Dispute
Larry Teague, Sharmel Teague, Ramonyea Bishop

At this time, Sharmel Teague is in custody. Police are still on the hunt for Larry Teague and Ramonyea Bishop.

Watch the news report below:

This man was murdered for doing his job!

I pray all three of his killers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Source: CNN