Snowfall Season 6 Episode 5
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Snowfall” Season 6 Episode 5, titled, “Ebony and Ivory,” left fans of the show howling like Lil Wayne!

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Franklin Saint has reached the point of no return in his efforts to retrieve the $73 million dollars Teddy stole from him.

After tapping into a resource to locate Teddy’s father, Veronique and Cassandra executed the perfect plan to lure Daddy McDonald away from his senior living facility right to his demise.

Now, Franklin and Teddy are fatherless sons.

Meanwhile, back in the projects, Leon has reclaimed this throne, while Wanda is fighting for her life to stay clean and sane.

Uncle Jerome is unraveling as the reality of the choices he’s made and the situation he’s in begins consuming him from the inside out.

About ‘Snowfall’

It’s October 1986 in this sixth and final season, as civil war threatens to destroy the Saint family.

Franklin (Damson Idris) is desperate and forced to rob his Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) and Uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph) after being wiped out by former CIA officer Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson).

Meanwhile, Louie has taken over Franklin’s role as Teddy’s sole buyer, undercutting her nephew and creating a competing empire in the process.

Franklin is now faced with losing everyone he loves and everything he’s built and coming through it all will mean out-maneuvering the KGB, the DEA, and the CIA, as well as avoiding the LAPD’s fully militarized, fully corrupt, C.R.A.S.H units.

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