*This post contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched episode 5 of “Snowfall” – come back later.*

Last night, Manboy and Skully joined forces to avenge the death a precious loved one.

The episode opened with Leon and Fatback going their separate ways after the shootout with Skully’s crew that left Skully’s daughter and Manboy’s niece, Tiana, dead.


Most of the episode focused on Leon’s trauma and actions after he unintentionally murdered Skully’s daughter.

Leon’s mother did not allow him to come back home because she knew his name was hot on the streets. So, he was homeless until Franklin gave him refuge at an apartment complex that his mom Cissy owns.

Leon and Cissy shared a special moment in the apartment when she came to check on him.

She comforted him and braided his hair at a time when he desperately needed some emotional support.


Not many words were spoken during the scene, but it was extremely powerful.

Manboy gave Franklin an ultimatum of handing over Leon or going to war. Franklin stood firm and told Manboy that he doesn’t sell his people out.

Those were the scenes that resonated with me the most.

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What was your favorite scene from last night’s episode of “Snowfall“?

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