Yung Miami Reacts To Criticism Of Her Verse On The ‘Do It’ Remix

Yung Miami has been having a tough time in the streets of Twitter after Chloe x Halle dropped the official remix of their hit single, “Do It,” featuring Doja Cat, Mulatto, and the City Girls.

It appears many feel Caresha “ruined” the song with her lyrics and her flow.

In the song, Yung Miami raps:

I pull up foreign (Skrrt), with my friends
AMG (Yep), on a Benz
Ride or die (Ride or die), ’til the end (‘Til the end)
I be cute, how we look settin’ trends (Period)
These my queens, these my girls (Girls)
I don’t do pretend (No)
Ice check, wrist check, Patek on ten (Ice)
Big rocks, big bags, waist be looking slim (Ow)
She keep looking at us but I know she can’t swim (City)

Take a listen for yourself below:

Peep a few tweets about Caresha’s contribution to the song below:

Yung Miami took to Twitter in response to the criticism she’s receiving:

Hours later, Caresha was still trying to figure out where she went wrong on the song:

What is your opinion of the song and Yung Miami’s contribution to it?

“Do It” Remix lyrics courtesy of Genius.

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