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Young M.A. Is Not Pregnant, Rapper Reacts To Rumors

Young M.A. has been trending in the streets of social media all day as pregnancy rumors spread like wildfire. 

The rumors were a little off-putting considering the fact that the rapper recently entered a rehab facility for an undisclosed reason.

Turns out, someone was trolling the 26-year-old rapper because of a 2019 interview where Young M.A. stated she wanted to have children. 

Watch the clip below (25:00 mark)

M.A. took to social media and responded to the rumors on various pages writing: 

Of course my girl is the one that’s gone be pregnant that’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh..

Y’all bored lol but I get it.. sell ya stories ???? and we working on one now ????

See Young M.A.’s original post below. 

That didn’t stop Twitter from cutting the fool as folks reacted to the rumors and got their jokes off. 

Peep a few tweets below.


You can always count on the internet and social media for some malarkey!

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