Yeezys Sneakers Placed In Twitter Purgatory After Kanye’s Antisemitic Comments

The Twitterverse is stuck between burning their Yeezys sneakers or holding onto them in hopes that their value will increase in time, after Kanye’s antisemitic comments.

Yeezys are known for being very comfortable, and some tweeters are planning on holding onto them for that very reason.

Others feel that they paid their hard-earned money for them and are not responsible for what comes out of Kanye’s mouth.

As for the tweeters looking to cash in, they’re hoping that the price of Yeezys skyrocket like when Kanye left Nike, but they are not considering that Kanye didn’t leave Adidas he got dropped for hate speech.

Then there is the burn unit, the group of people who burn their Yeezys in protest of Kanye’s antisemitic comments.

Scoop some tweets below:

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