Yasmine Jackson, the granddaughter of the late Joe Jackson, was the victim of a vicious attack where she was stabbed 7 times by a white supremacist.

The attack happened near her home and Yasmine says her attacker called her the N word, which solidifies it was absolutely a hate crime.

The 25-year-old took to social media over the weekend to detail the horrible attack. She shared photos of the cuts to her face that required several stitches.

Yasmine wrote:

I was stabbed 7 times right by my house because “I’m a n***er”. This woman chased me down and started stabbing me. She said it’s because I was a n***er and that’s all I could hear while I was being stabbed.

I can’t move my neck at all. I’m scared to be alone. I asked people to help me because she was stabbing me and nobody helped. Until someone did, actually a few people did & I am thankful for you. I pray to God that if you have any kind of hatred in your heart towards black people that you heal it.

I didn’t deserve this, nobody does. Oh & btw I’m still f**king proud to be black. @shaunking , please help me. They only are charging her with a felony battery with a deadly weapon.

I feel like she deserves attempted murder and also this is a HATE CRIME. SHE CALLED ME A N***ER & THERE ARE WITNESSES ?? SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE PLEASE!!!!!!!

Yasmine Jackson updated the post to add her attacker’s charges have been upgraded to attempted murder.

See photos of her injuries below:

Yasmine Jackson

Yasmine Jackson is the daughter of Joh’Vonnie Jackson, the daughter Joe Jackson shared with a woman named Cheryl Terrell.

I am so thankful Yasmine survived her attack.

I pray for her emotional and physical healing.

Now, justice must be served!