Randi Williams and President Barack Obama - Working: What We Do All Day - Netflix

Netflix has released the official trailer for the docuseries, “Working: What We Do All Day,” executive produced by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

About The Docuseries: 

What brings you joy in work? What gives you purpose? What makes a good job…good?

These are the questions at the center of “Working: What We Do All Day,” a compelling documentary series that explores the ways in which we find meaning in our work and how our experiences and struggles connect us on a human level.

Narrated by President Barack Obama, who makes appearances alongside everyday people in their homes and places of work, the series follows individuals at all levels of the workforce — from service jobs all the way up to the C-suite — across the industries of home care, tech, and hospitality.

As a college student, Obama was inspired by Studs Terkel’s 1974 book Working, which revolutionized the conversation around work by asking ordinary people what they did all day.

The series brings this idea into the modern world by offering intimate, behind-the-scenes portraits of people’s lives and giving viewers a new understanding of and appreciation for the jobs they do each day. 

Executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama and directed by Caroline Suh, the docuseries is a Higher Ground and Concordia Studio Production.

Premiere Date: 

May 17, 2023, only on Netflix

Watch The Trailer:

Do you plan to add “Working: What We Do All Day” to your May watch list? 

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