A woman has gone viral after she confessed she mistakenly used Gorilla Glue on her hair when she ran out of her got2be hair glue.

Tessica Brown said her hair has been in a ponytail for a month, but it’s not by choice…it’s because her hair is glued solid.

Even after 15 washes, her hair is not budging. It’s hard as a helmet.

Watch below as Tessica explains.

Gorilla Glue has been trending all day as people react to Tessica’s unfortunate mix up.

Peep a few tweets below.

Gorilla Glue actually stepped in and attempted to give Tessica some advice on how to remove the glue from her hair, but warned because it’s been a month…her hair may be damaged.

Bless her heart. Writing this post gave me anxiety and made my scalp itchy.

Update: Tessica offered another video to prove this isn’t a stunt.

She even shared our post…????

She’s trying different things to get the glue out of her hair and says she will keep those invested in her well-being in the loop.


I hope something works for her.