An awkward video of a woman face planting at a wedding during the bouquet toss has viewers perplexed.

In the video, the bride does a fake, look over the shoulder toss at first, and then she follows it up with a real toss.

As the bouquet travels in the air, a White woman, attempting to catch the bouquet, violently face plants on the floor.

Since the video was not recorded in landscape mode to show everyone in the shot it leaves it up to the viewer’s imagination to determine what caused the face plant.

Watch the video below courtesy of WorldStar:

My Hypothesis:

I believe the initial fake toss was the bride looking to see where the friend she wanted to catch the bouquet was at so she could align the trajectory of her toss.

The White woman peeped game and decided that she was going to run up and intercept the bouquet once it was thrown in the air.

But she came out the gates too fast, tripped over the lady who caught the bouquet’s foot, and violently face planted on the floor.

But, I could be wrong.

What do you think happened?